Viva Philadelphia!

Striking a poise during a fanciful Terrain during Styer’s hothouse on a hinterland of Philadelphia. we wanted to pierce into this stately and sprawling garden store.


How’s my crew? Any good adventures of late? I’d adore to hear a good, a bad and a ugly. Bring it.

Last weekend we had a revelatory moment, and who doesn’t adore a good revelatory moment, n’est-ce pas?

I trafficked to Philadelphia.

Hmm, did that go down like a thud? Mais non, mes frères! Listen up. Philadelphia is, frankly, brilliant. we am smitten. It was like stumbling onto a 4-for-1 sale during Kiehl’s. Literally. we live in Brooklyn and Philadelphia is usually dual hours divided from New York City, though we hadn’t visited a City of Brotherly Love in roughly 5 years. we am meditative Philadelphia needs to amp adult a selling module and make some noise, though that’s another story.

Early on a Thursday morning, John and we gathering down to Philadelphia in a Subaru with Jasper and Weenie (our dogs, if we don’t follow a blog religiously and contrition on you) in draw for a prolonged weekend. We checked into a really stylish and ideally situated hotel Palomar Philadelphia and set out to try a town.

The art scene? Brilliant. we can’t wait for a re-opening of a Barnes Foundation this spring. And don’t skip a Van Gogh exhibition.

The grill scene? Incredible. From restaurateur Stephen Starr’s much-vaunted outposts such as Talula’s Garden to The Dandelion and Route 6 to miraculous BYOB spots such as The Farm and Fisherman, John and we lapped it up. But skip Vedge, they couldn’t have meaner hosts. Phooey!

The garden scene? Longwood Gardens. Amazing. And a favorite mark was Terrain during Styer’s, a nursery-cum-lifestyle-store-cum-café from a boys behind Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Incredible.

The architecture? Stunning!

The attitude? None. Refreshing.

So if we haven’t paid a revisit to Philly in a while, book it. we am so, so tender with a Philadelphia scene.


The dainty interior during uber-restaurateur Stephen Starr’s The Dandelion, a super-chic nonetheless totally loose pub with superb food.
Here’s John in a overwhelming atrium of a former Wanamaker’s dialect store and now a Macy’s. This is where they filmed a seminal film Mannequin with Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy.

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