A Moroccan-Inspired Marvel

The square pool during a Figueroa hotel is an civic oasis that shimmers in a early evening.

As we stepped into a cool, tile-clad run from a fountain-ringed square ripping with bougainvillea and jasmine, it was like entering a Paul Bowles novel. Had we unexpected been ecstatic from downtown Los Angeles into Tangier? For we was now enveloped in a overwhelming Morocco-by-way-of-Mexico-with-a-few-Asian-influences-tossed-in confection: Welcome to a Figueroa hotel.

But let’s step behind a minute: Did we contend that we was in downtown LA? Yes, indeed! My partner, John, and we stumbled on a beautiful Figueroa hotel a few months behind when we were staying during a really glitzy Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles only opposite a street. We motionless to travel around downtown and take a look inside a Figueroa hotel with a 1920s-era design and casbah-influenced façade. The dainty extraneous intrigued us. What sorcery could be sneaking within this hotel perched during a dilemma of Figueroa and Olympic pound in a heart of LA?

The Casablanca apartment during a Fig has extraordinary Moroccan-inspired interiors and dainty niches, ideal for holing adult with a duplicate of The Sheltering Sky.

And, wow, we fell in love. Pure magic. From a beautiful double-height run with a large lanterns and palm trees to a festive guest rooms, a aforementioned square with its

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